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Every great idea is born out of a problem. Our problem was beauty.

Beauty was flawless, confident, fierce. Beauty was perfection. Beauty needed access to the experts who were all in lockdown, from the hair dresser to the nail technician, from the spa therapist to the street braider!

We had to figure out our own routines, so we built our Sister Circles to support each other in our beautiful journey and now we come together to support the businesses that served us so faithfully over the years.

Is she me? Can I ever be her?You ask? BeUByU exists so that you never ask yourself that question again.

BeUByU is all about redefining your beauty, driven by purpose as we celebrate each other onto a pedestal of beauty most unseen, a talent most unappreciated and a cause most ignored.

BeUByU is the opportunity to reflect:
In my self fulfillment, I am also giving purpose. What am I giving back? Beauty is more than just me!

Be part of our story. Share your stories with us. BeUByU

Be the Beauty in You. BeUByU.

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Share your awe inspiring look with us.

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